20 Years of Poker Flat Remix contest ended

Thank you!

Hey! Everybody who took part in our 20 Years Of Poker Flat remix contest: 

Thank you so much!

We are literally blown away by your submissions - in both regards, quantity and quality. 

Thank you very much also for all your kind words, the anniversary wishes, Poker Flat related anecdotes from the past and your all around nice messages. We are overwhelmed by the creativity and the diversity of your works and the heartblood you invested.
Most importantly we are very pleased to hear that many of you enjoyed making the remixes. 

The contest is closed now.
Please don’t submit any more mixes.

Tim, Hannes and Steve will listen all of your remixes carefully over the next weeks to chose the mixes for the official release which is tentatively scheduled for the end of August. 

Please understand that we will not be able to give individual feedback on your mixes. If your mix made it onto the release we’ll be in touch. We will send you another email maybe early August to communicate which remixes made it onto the release.

Thank you so much. 
You are the best 

best regards
Steve and the Poker Flat team

PS: Even if it hurts - please do not upload your remix to soundcloud or other services and do not share it. 
Please note that the artists and Poker Flat do own the copyrights also in your remix - please respect the rights of the composer and of the label. Thanks a lot for understanding.

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